Wednesday, April 9, 2008

#2 Firefighter Contest (WINNERS!)

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WINNERS!!! (#2 Firefighter Contest)

#1 - Eaton Square Fire (1ST PLACE). View fullscreen

From John's Images

#2 - Caldo estivo, hot summer (tied for 1ST RUNNER-UP). View fullscreen
Caldo estivo, hot summer
From alecani

#2 - 10-12 a Incendio (tied for 1ST RUNNER-UP). View fullscreen
10-12 a Incendio
From roalmalo

#3 - B u r n i n g * (2ND RUNNER-UP). View fullscreen
B u r n i n g *
From imapix

THANK YOU TO ALL PARTICIPANTS! (#2 Firefighter Contest)
going inUntitled

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